The Utah State Bar has announced the names of those who passed the Utah State Bar Examination administered Feb. 22-24.

A combined admissions ceremony with the Utah Supreme Court and the United States District Court will be held at the U.S. District Court, 350 South Main, Salt Lake City, on May 10, at 12:15 p.m. Geoffrey J. Butler, clerk of the Utah Supreme Court, will lead those being admitted to the Utah State Bar in the oath.Speakers from the Utah Supreme Court, the U.S. District Court and Utah State Bar Board members will be featured at the ceremony. A reception will honor those named below following the ceremony.

Admitted to the Utah State Bar:

Susan L. Alley, Nelson R. Anderl, Steven E. Averett, Robert K. Beck, Daryl L. Bell, David L. Blackner, Susan C. Bradford and Rebecca A. Broadbent.

Brent W. Bullock, Randal J. Christiansen, Sylvia Colton, Kim A. Cooper, John E. Dawson, Mavis J. Douglas, Carlton R. Ericson, Carlos A. Esqueda and Steven G. Forsyth.

Ronald S. Fujino, Curtis L. Garner, Laurie L. Gilliam, Cameron M. Hancock, David B. Hartvigsen, Bret B. Hicken, John E. Holder, Thomas L. Hong and Pamela B. Hunsaker.

Russell N. Jenkins, Tamar S. Jergensen, Gene B. Kartchner, Thomas D. Kase, Kathryn D. Kendell, Mona L. Lyman, James E. Macdonald and Michele Mattsson.

Richard P. Mauro, Kerry D. McMurray, Mark E. Medcalf, Tracy S. Nicholas, Sylvia Olsen, William R. Ormond, James M. Park and David D. Peck.

David M. Perry, Mark L. Poulsen, Melanie L. Preece, Grant C. Price, Arthur S. Primavera, David R. Purnell, Don R. Pyles and Mary A. Rasmussen.

John G. Simmons, Susann Smith, Jeffrey N. Starkey, Michael B. Thornton, Maria-Luisa Veizaga, Gary L. Whiting, Cole A. Wist and Howard C. Young.