Two teens were treated at LDS Hospital Thursday after being beaten in an apparent gang-related dispute.

Anthony Valerio, 19, and Dennis J. Lopez, age unknown, and Raymond Abeyta, age unknown, were playing cards with two girls at an apartment at 760 N. Ninth West about 1 a.m. when three other youths came over, according to a Salt Lake police report.One of the youths observed that the ace of diamonds had the name of the "Diamond Street Gang" written on it. The youth then took a black marker, crossed out the names and scribbled the initials of the "VCF" gang. An argument ensued and then calmed, and the guests left.

About 5 a.m., the three returned and forced their way into the apartment. Abeyta was hit in the nose with a rock, Lopez was kicked in the face and Valerio was hit hard from behind and knowcked semiconcious, according to the report.

Abeyta and Valerio were taken by ambulance to the hospital, where they were treated, then released. K