Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, is finding that attacks from some right-wing groups can be profitable.

One such organization - Concerned Women of America - sent out letters this month asking people to send Hatch a pre-printed postcard attacking his support of child-care bills, and to send the CWA donations to help fight Hatch."But their instructions were as confused as their logic," Hatch said with a broad smile. "So people started sending money to me instead of the CWA. We've got $100 so far - and more keeps coming in."

Hatch had long been the darling of conservatives, but recently has come under sharp attack from some of their leading think tanks and lobbyists for compromising with liberal Democrats on child care - which many of them feel the government should not help provide.

Hatch thinks his long endearment with most conservatives has not been hampered by the recent attacks, and that the donations coming to him instead of the CWA show that.

Hatch will not personally profit much, however, from the donations. He plans to forward them onto the CWA. "Most of the checks were made out to them anyway."

But his staff will send letters to the donors thanking them for sending their money and postcards to the senator, and will explain that Hatch is a co-sponsor of all four major child-care bills pending in Congress.