Bedecked in cowboy hats, boots and bandanas, young and old devotees of "The Duke" turned out by the hundreds as Winterset, Iowa's, busiest street was renamed John Wayne Drive for its most famous native son.

"This is great. It's bigger than I expected said Marisa Wayne, the 22-year-old daughter of one of Hollywood's most famous tough guys. "It's very flattering. I think he would've loved this."

Wednesday's ceremony created another draw for tourism here, where local and state officials for the past several years have touted Wayne's one-story, four-room white house as a national atraction.

"Tourism in Winterset has doubled because of the interst in the John Wayne bithplace," said Gov. Terry Branstad.

Most of the attention focused on Wayne's widow, Pilar Wayne, and Marisa, who were mobbed by dozens of people thrusting paper and pens at them for autographs.

"I'm thrilled, flabbergasted. I think its one of the most wonderful things to have this done," said Mrs. Wayne. "Truly, he had Iowa stock in him - and that's a great stock to come from."

Some brought Mrs. Wayne's new book, "John Wayne, May Life with the Duke," for her to sign, while others wanted her to sign pictures and sketches of her late husband.

Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison on May 26, 1907, and spent his first three years in Winterset before his family moved to Earlham, He died of lung cancer in 1979.