The location of Steve Ray James' capital homicide trial has been changed from Ogden to Salt Lake City because of courthouse scheduling problems, a court clerk said Wednesday.

Brad Willis, clerk for 3rd District Judge Pat Brian, said the May 1 trial and a pretrial hearing scheduled for Friday were changed to Salt Lake City because of the conflicts.Brian was appointed by Utah Supreme Court Justice Gordon Hall to hear the case after more than two years of delays.

James, 37, is charged with first-degree murder in the 1986 death of his infant son, Steven Roy James.

James originally told police the infant had been kidnapped from his car Aug. 26, 1986.

In January, the Utah Supreme Court overturned a decision by 1st District Judge VeNoy Christoffersen, who had earlier denied James' motion for a change of venue.

Justices ruled that "excessive publicity surrounding an intensive search for the child by hundreds of volunteers" was the chief reason for moving the trial out of Logan.

A 2nd District judge presided over another venue hearing and ruled the case should be moved to Ogden.