Leading active lives is normal for Dan and Joyce Dix.

He worked overseas with the Central Intelligence Agency. She taught English at a Vermont college and on a Navajo reservation.Retirement didn't mean slowing down. Recognizing the needs of the chronically mentally ill, the couple became active with the Adult Day Treatment Unit and Family Support Group, providing leadership and support to other parents, helping with funding activities and establishing a food pantry.

During a recent "Salute to Volunteers" luncheon, the Dixes were praised for having "formulated a number of activities throughout the year for patients in need and for the homeless in the community, such as Salute to Adult Day Treatment, Day for the Homeless and food and clothing drives. They have also been active with the Alliance for the Mentally Ill and last year refurbished the Sugarhouse Living Center for the homeless and mental patients."

In addition, Joyce teaches on the Navajo reservation in the summer, and Dan is engaged in work with the Hispanic community at the Centro Civico, where he keeps books for that group.

If you'd like to inquire about, or volunteer for, any of the following requests, call the Voluntary Action Center of the Community Services Council, 212 W. 13th South, 486-2136.