Mob boss Nicodemo "Little Nicky" Scarfo and seven associates were convicted of first-degree murder, but a defense lawyer criticized the jurors by saying they simply "threw out a verdict" without adequately weighing the evidence.

The sequestered panel deliberated about two hours Wednesday before convicting Scarfo and his co-defendants on murder, conspiracy and weapons charges stemming from the 1985 slaying of mob figure Frank D'Alfonso. All eight defendants could be sentenced to death."They threw out a verdict without deliberating," said Robert Simone, lead defense lawyer and counsel for Scarfo.

"I am annoyed because you've got eight people whose lives are on the line and you've got a jury that's being wined and dined by the commonwealth and they don't have even the mentality to take a few minutes on each defendant," Simone said. "It means the verdict was decided before the case finished."

The City Hall courtroom erupted in a chorus of shouts, sobs and profane murmurs as the jury foreman repeated, "Murder in the first-degree, guilty" for each of the defendants.

Adeline Narducci, the mother of defendants Philip Narducci and Frank Narducci Jr., fled the packed courtroom in tears, shouting at the jury, "Murderers! You should all die!"

"Like my father died," D'Alfonso's daughter shouted at Narducci.

Another family member punched a court officer as she ran screaming from the courtroom.

Scarfo, 60, and his cohorts stood silently facing the jury of nine men and three women as the verdicts were read.