A jury of seven women and six men was seated late Wednesday afternoon in the murder trial of Thomas W. Randolph Jr., 33, charged with the 1986 murder of his wife in Clearfield.

The 13 jurors - 12 regular and one alternate - were selected from more than 50 called and questioned closely over two days on their knowledge of the case and personal feeling about the death penalty.Randolph could be sentenced to death if the jury convicts him of shooting his wife, Rebecca, in the head in their Clearfield home on Nov. 11, 1986. The death was first considered a suicide, but continued investigation by the Clearfield Police resulted in murder charges being filed against Randolph last fall.

Judge Rodney S. Page, in addition to warning the jurors against exposure to any news coverage of the trial proceedings, told them the trial could run eight to 10 days.

Davis County Attorney Mel Wilson, with deputy attorney Bill McGuire, is prosecuting the case and said he will be calling 25 to 30 witnesses over the next few days. Defense attorney John Caine said he will be calling 15 to 20 witnesses for Randolph, who used to work for Caine as an investigator.

Wilson and McGuire listed Bernie Allen, Caine's law partner and co-counsel in Randolph's defense, as a potential witness. Detectives testified at Randolph's preliminary hearing in December that when they arrived at Randolph's home to investigate his wife's death, they were met at the scene by Randolph and Allen.

The prosecution's prime witness, Eric Tarantino, said on the stand at the hearing that he and Randolph were friends and during the summer of 1986 they plotted various ways to kill Rebecca Randolph so her husband could collect on her insurance policies.

Randolph was fascinated by the movie "Scarface," Tarantino testified, and wanted the money to set up a drug empire.

According to court documents, Randolph collected more than $250,000 in insurance benefits on his wife's death. In addition to the homicide charge, Randolph faces a third-degree felony count of filing a false insurance claim.

And, in January, a first-degree felony charge of conspiracy to commit murder was filed against Randolph and his girlfriend, Wendy Moore, 29, Layton.