Police arrested two people at a Delta motel early Wednesday after a 20-year-old California woman told authorities in Salt Lake County that she escaped from captors in Delta on Tuesday evening.

Delta police staked out the motel until a warrant for the pair's arrest was issued just moments before the couple tried to leave around 4:30 a.m. A 21-year-old woman, who was reported missing from Ely, Nev., was with the pair.The warrant originated in Fallon, Nev., and was transmitted electronically to Delta authorities.

West Jordan police officer Charles Kirby said he and officer Kevin Wyatt stopped a vehicle that had a brake light out shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday and questioned the victim, who was traveling with three male juveniles from Delta. She told the officers she had been kidnapped but had escaped while at a Delta restaurant.

"She jumped in the first car that pulled up to the curb," Kirby said. Three teenagers in the car agreed to drive her to the Salt Lake area.

The victim told West Jordan officers and an agent from the FBI that the incident began March 23 when she agreed to drive with a 34-year-old Anaheim, Calif., man and a 36-year-old Nevada woman to Florida. After traveling as far as Reno, she decided to discontinue the trip but was not allowed to leave, she said.

The victim said the man held her at gunpoint at times.

The other woman traveling with the couple at the time they were arrested in Delta had been picked up with her boyfriend while they were hitchhiking near Ely, Nev. The couple then dumped the boyfriend off in Ely, where he reported his girlfriend missing to authorities there.

The woman's parents drove to Delta from Ely Wednesday after learning of their daughter's whereabouts.

Young said the couple promised both girls jobs in Miami selling clothes.

Robert Edward Deluna, 34, and Eilene Ann Ross, 36, were booked into the Millard County Jail in Fillmore on Wednesday on one count each of second-degree kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon, both felonies; and a misdemeanor assault charge.