Television stations should broadcast a reasonable amount of quality programming for children or lose their licenses, say the sponsors of legislation to impose advertising limits on kids' shows.

The bills introduced in the House and Senate on Wednesday were designed to stem the "crass commercialization" of children's television, where the constant din of cereal, toy and candy ads "is enough to make any child's - and any parent's - head pound and stomach ache," Sen. Howard Metzenbaum, D-Ohio, told a news conference.The bill would reinstate ad restrictions that the Federal Communications Commission repealed in 1984. It would limit ads on kids' shows to 101/2 minutes per hour on weekends and 12 minutes per hour on weekdays, effective in 1990.

It also would require the FCC to consider how well a broadcaster meets the educational and informational needs of children.

Congress passed an indentical bill last year, but President Reagan vetoed it.