When it comes to producing startling new discoveries, Utah's fusion researchers had better get ready to move over.

They're about to get some stiff competition from some scientists in Wisconsin, though in a field having nothing to do with energy.We're referring to this week's announcement of a new study at the University of Wisconsin's Food Research Institute in Madison. In effect, the study concludes - brace yourselves - that cheeseburgers may be good for you.

What about those familiar warnings about the cholesterol in cheeseburgers and how it clogs the arteries, leading to high blood pressure and heart problems? Never mind. It seems that ground beef and cheese also contain conjugated linoleic acid, a substance that experimenters have used to inhibit the formation of stomach cancers in laboratory mice.

What will science come up with next? We can hardly wait for some study to proclaim that ice cream combats obesity and chocolate fights tooth decay. That'll be the day.