Two Davis elementary schools received final approval to move to year-round schedules, while another is set to receive a similar go-ahead in two weeks.

The Davis School Board voted Tuesday night to accept the application of Columbia Elementary in Kaysville and Adams Elementary in Layton to move to year-round schedules to help ease crowding. The new school schedule will start July 27.Controversy and dissent had surrounded the decision to move Adams to the schedule, but Board President Lynn Summerhays said opponents have started to heal the wounds.

"They are taking an extremely mature, healthy approach," Summerhays said.

Board member Ray Briscoe commended the school committees that have made scheduling changes in schools, particularly Adams.

A final decision on which year-round schedule Adams Elementary will adopt is still a matter of discussion among parents, teachers and Superintendent Richard Kendell. Columbia Elementary will use a modified 45-15 schedule.

With the schedule, students will be assigned four "tracks" that will run on a rotating schedule throughout the year. Generally, students will attend school for 45 days and have three weeks off. All students will have a vacation in July. Students will spend a total of 170 days in class, with each day extended by 20 minutes to equal the traditional 180-day school year.

The board gave preliminary approval to Knowlton Elementary in Farmington to move to the year-round plan. The population of the school, originally designed for 853 students, is 1,069 this year.

Jana Fowers, spokeswoman for a 13-member Knowlton School committee that studied the scheduling plans, reported that during mail balloting, between March 25 and 30, 67 percent of the parents who returned ballots favored the year-round plan.

Of the 542 ballots mailed to households in the Knowlton area, 456 were returned. Of those voting, 33 percent favored remaining on an extended-day schedule.

Of the 37 teachers at the school, 81 percent favored the year-round schedule and 10 percent favored the extended-day schedule.

Fowers said teachers and committee members favor placing the school on a modified 45-15 schedule.

The board is scheduled to give final approval at its next meeting, April 18 in Davis High School.