Pendleton Woolen Mills Inc. will open a company-owned retail outlet in Cottonwood Mall sometime in June, a spokesman for the woolens manufacturer based in Portland, Ore., said.

The 2,300-square-foot store will stock the company's popular men's and women's clothing and blankets as well as seasonal clothing. "We will offer a year-round presentation of products our customers won't see anywhere else," said Dave Armentrout, retail coordinator for Pendleton.The proposed Salt Lake store will be one of only five company-owned outlets across the country. Pendleton will also open a store in Pittsburgh this year, Armentrout said. The 126-year-old woolens manufacturer also has 47 outlets licensed to sell Pendleton products.

Armentrout said some Utah retailers carry Pendleton products, but this will be the first exclusive Pendleton store in the state. "We feel (Salt Lake) is an opportunity market and that our product will do very well."

Location at the Cottonwood Mall in Holladay indicates the type of customers and market Pendleton targets, he said.

"Our typical customers look for value in products that are made to last."

Armentrout explained that Pendleton approaches its product lines as investments, where customers can find the same products, and new ones, year after year and gradually build a wardrobe.

Pendleton Woolen Mills, a family-held concern, started about 1863 making blankets, then men's wool shirts. In 1949, the Oregon firm expanded into women's clothing, which now comprises more than 70 percent of annual sales.