Brigham Young University's art department presented awards to students March 30, prior to the opening of the annual student art exhibit in the Harris Fine Arts Center galleries.

Theodore Wolff, art critic for the Christian Science Monitor, was keynote speaker at the awards banquet and presented juror's choice awards to Evelyn R. West, Jennifer Hillam, Steve Griffin, Jed Thomas, Martha Harding, Brad Aldridge, Eva Marie Xavier, and Leslie Gimenes.Full tuition scholarships sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Boshard went to Brian D. Christensen, Kelly Hebert, and Jed Thomas.

Anna F. Sommers scholarships for full tuition went to art history student Amy Hamilton and studio artists Cassie Christensen, Laurie Clegg, and Sun Young Kim. The half-tuition Sommers scholarship in art education was awarded to Pamela Christiansen and Sandra Phillips-Saydyk.

Christiansen also received $500 as Outstanding Student in the department.

Steven Kerry Griffin received the J. Roman Andrus Printmaking Award with $1,000 cash prize. Stephen Bartholomew's work received the Law School Purchase Award and the John B. Fairbanks Oil Painting Award of $100 for "Yellow over Red with Juniper?" The Jeffrey Alan Demery Creative Award with $500 prize went to Jamie Rees for overall work in the show. Laurie Clegg received the LaVere Hutchings Watercolor Award for "Green Chair."

Oustanding Art Student awards in various areas went to Bartholomew, studio; Christiansen, art education; and Teri Wheelwright, art history. Each received $100. Mrs. Will Ward Scholarship Awards were presented to Mark Magleby for outstanding contribution and to Kristi Asplund and Sandy Marriott for outstanding academic performance.

Art History Symposium Awards went to graduates Leonard Bartlett and Chris Ramsey and to undergraduates Magleby, Wheelwright, and Hamilton.

LaVieve Huish Earl Award winners are Andrea Haggerty, Lisa Heckman, and Lisa Stewart. Winners of Mayhew Awards are Todd Stilson, first place; Kelly Hebert, second; and James Rees, third.

Continuing students who received half-tuition talent awards are Bradley Aldridge, Cherie Benner, Carolee Cardon, Cassandra Christensen, Laurie Clegg, Steve Griffin, Rebecca Link, Suzanne Means, Christian Munk, Lupe Nivmeitolu, David Peterson, John D. Savage, Robert Sumner, Martha Tarnawiecki, Jed Thomas, Christine Lamoreaux, Valmae Snow, and Kieko Tanifuji. Lara Farmer, Kristen Galloway, and Hans Magleby were recognized as winners in the Springville High School art show.