Ever wondered about the saying "cute as a bug"?

After sighting a bug at home, the word "cute" probably doesn't spring to mind. Better Homes and Gardens offers the following ways to keep pests at bay.- Clean the favorite bug hangouts regularly. These include kitchens and bathrooms or any other areas in the home that provide the dark, dampness or dust that insects love.

- Keep tight-fitting lids on trash containers and use disposable plastic liners. Spray the container interiors every two weeks with surface insecticide.

- Move heavy furniture and kitchen appliances once a month to clean behind and under these pieces.

- Remove dirt from baseboards, cracks, corners, floor registers and air ducts to wipe out bug nesting grounds. Treat these areas with an insecticide.

- Empty cabinets and drawers, then clean the interiors with disinfectant and apply a surface insecticide. After allowing time to dry, cover with paper and replace contents.

- Cover foods tightly - especially cereals, pet foods and other grain items. Check for bugs before storing food.

- Use a dehumidifier in damp places, such as a basement, where silverfish and spiders like to live. Repair any water leaks immediately.

-For more information, write to the Raid Center for Insect Control for a free booklet. Seed a SASE to: Bug-Free Living, P.O. Box 8, Racine, WI 53401.)