Max Hogan, a lifetime resident of the city, was sworn in as the newest member of the City Council on Tuesday after being chosen one week ago to replace Councilman Harvey Cahoon, who resigned because he moved out of state.

Hogan, one of 18 people who expressed an interest in filling the vacancy, has served on a number of city boards and committees and said he was flattered to be chosen from a field of outstanding candidates for the post."It's really a privilege to be selected to this kind of a position," he said before taking his seat on the council.

Mayor Kristin Lambert said she and Hogan competed for the same council seat several years ago, but since then Hogan has been a tremendous support to her and the city. "He's been involved with the community literally for decades," she said, adding that she is very comfortable with the appointment.

The council also appointed Councilman Paul Henderson to be Mayor pro tem for the rest of this year. That assignment belonged to Cahoon and is generally rotated to a different council member each year.