City officials really weren't surprised that no one showed up for a public hearing Tuesday night involving the city's plan to repossess some 30 plots at the city-owned cemetery.

Actually, council members might have been a little spooked if someone had appeared since the owners of record are all believed to be deceased.The city is seeking to repossess the plots for non-payment of the perpetual care assessments, a situation not surprising considering the present circumstances of the owners.

City Administrator Richard C. Warne was quick to point out, however, that none of the plots are presently occupied, the owners apparently having opted for alternative accommodations elsewhere upon their demise.

Warne said city employees had attempted to contact relatives and heirs of the original owners to provide them with the opportunity to make up the delinquent payments and retain ownership. Thus far only two graves have been reclaimed.

Warne said Tuesday's hearing was only to get comment, and the council will be asked at a later date to approve the actual repossession action.