To collect a spectacular number of spectacles is the goal of Dr. Barry P. Cook, a Price optometrist who on April 13 will make a good-will visit to Mexico to offer optometric services and eyeglasses to people who need them.

Along with five other optometrists, he will go to Durango, a city of about 150,000 people, to give free examinations and eyeglasses to people who otherwise would not be able to get help with vision problems.They will spend a week in Mexico. While there they will examine from 150 to 200 patients a day, working approximately 12 hours each day.

The trip, for which the optometrists will not receive any remuneration, is being sponsored by Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity. The volunteers will pay their own expenses. The only help they are asking is for donations of used eyeglasses.

All prescription glasses received will be neutralized to determine the exact powers and organized into groups of single vision, bifocals and trifocals or other classifications. They will be labeled and bagged to become part of the thousands each team will carry. In addition, a great amount of examining equipment will be taken.

Assisting with the work of cleaning and repairing the glasses will be Cook's office staff, Cindy Pendergass, DeAnna Merrill and Reva Riddle.

Cook's wife, Julee, will accompany him on the trip, as will the wives of the other optometrists, who are from Utah and Colorado. The wives will serve as office assistants and help in any way they can.

Appeals have been made to residents of Carbon County, including schoolchildren, to donate unused eyeglasses they may have. Anyone wanting to donate glasses may drop them off at Cook's office, 92 N. Fourth East, Price.

He said members of the volunteer group direct most of their efforts to Third World countries where eye care is often unavailable and the need is great.