Nabisco's newest Ritz - the Ritz Bits mini-Ritz crackers are out in cheese and low-salt flavors. The 11 oz. package is selling for $1.67 at local stores.

Kay Hadley: "Ritz crackers are my all-time favorite. Ritz Bits are a great addition and now Low-Salt Ritz Bits! What more can you ask? We think they are great and hope to see lots of other low-salt products on the market."Don Russell: "We tried Cheese Ritz Bits and found them to be like most crackers - dry, flavorful and salty. We could distinguish the cheddar and parmesan flavors Nabisco adds. The cracker's size (just larger than a nickle) makes it a little unique in today's crowded cracker market. Cheese Ritz Bits, of course, wouldn't be very practical as a dipping cracker. Children are especially drawn to these smaller crackers."

Doris Wilding: "We tested the cheese Ritz Bits and found them very tasty. Good cheese flavor, great to eat. It's amazing, do something different with the size of a cracker and we `kids' find them more fun to eat. This one passed the test with us."

Judy Slack: "We tried the low-salt variety of the Ritz Bits crackers. I would only recommend them to those who have a need to restrict salt intake. They really don't taste as good without all that yummy salt on them."

Edyth Jensen: "We tested the low-salt and found they are just as enjoyable as the regular Ritz crackers. The low-salt didn't affect the flavor at all. In fact, I think they are better. They are good to put in soup and don't add that extra salt."

Charles Woolfenden: "Just one more soup or snack cracker. Nabisco's cheddar flavor is fair but this tester likes his cheese stronger - SHARP! The Ritz Bits are good in soup and salads."

Conclusion: Ritz Bits are hits?

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