Regional winners in the Utah State History Fair, an educational project for all students in grades four through 12, were announced at an awards assembly at Salt Lake Community College.

"The Individual in History" was the theme for the program in which students are encouraged to conduct research and to present their findings at regional fairs in one of four different categories.Regional winners will participate in the annual state fair April 4 and 5 at Brigham Young University. The history fair is sponsored by the Mountain West Center for Regional Studies at Utah State University and is partly funded by the Utah Endowment for the Humanities, Brigham Young University, Utah State Office of Education, Utah Geographical Society and local school districts.

Categories, age division, regional winners, school and judging results:


Primary - Jeff Rosen, Canyon View Elementary, first, "Neil Armstrong"; Shaunda Sevy, Canyon View, second, "Eliza R. Snow"; B.J. Smith, Westvale Elementary, third, "Michael Jordan."

Junior - Heather Shore, first, "Emmeline Wells"; Michelle Mitchell, second, "Abraham Lincoln"; Paul Florence, third, "Mikhail Gorbachev"; all from Bonneville Junior High.

Senior - Jennie Birkinshaw, "Silver Queen," and Holly Harmer, "Jesse Knight," both first place; Tracy McGee, second, "Amelia Earhart"; Marcie Rex, third, "Experiences of Vietnam POWs"; all Bonneville Junior High students.


Primary - Ryan Bagley, Canyon View Elementary, first, "Green Flake"; Brad Whiting, Canyon View Elementary, second, "John Wesley Powell"; Gina Borrowman, Westvale, third, "George Armstrong Custer."

Junior - Alison Hottes, Wasatch Junior High, first, "Thomas Jefferson"; Camloan Auduong, West Lake Junior High, second, "Louis Pasteur"; Jeff Dahl, Valley Junior High, third, "Thomas Jefferson."

Senior - Christy Stam, Bingham Middle, first, "John F. Kennedy"; Todd Robbins, Granite Park, second, "J. Bracken Lee"; Chi Hwang, Granite Park, third, "Walt Disney."


Primary - Christopher Hansen, South Jordan Elementary, first, "Brigham Young." No second or third-place winners.

Junior - Jaremey McMullin, first, "Nazi Concentration Camp Prisoners"; Maria Smith and Leslie Thomsen, both second place, "The Depression"; Jared Covili, third, "Al Capone"; all winners Bonneville Junior High.

Senior - Steven Rasmussen, Joel Jarrards, Jonathan Sorich and James Wilkins, Bingham Middle, first place, "Adolf Hitler"; Darren Tanner, Brad Peterson, Bingham Middle, second, "Henry J. Wheeler"; Matt Kimball and Mike Christopherson, Bonneville Junior High, third, no subject listed.


Primary - Tammy Ames, Welby Elementary, first, "Virginia Claflin Woodhull"; Tenniel Benson, Canyon View, second, "Vilate Murray Kimball." No third place winner.

Junior - Chelsea Zobell, Nathan Wilkey, Jason Stout, Tammy Hayes and Tamara Evans, Valley Junior High, first, "Walt Disney"; Shalissa Anderson, Keri McConkey, Annette Atkinson, Allison Freeman, Amy Park, Valley Junior High, second, "Belle Boyd, Civil War Spy"; Heather Olsen, Bingham Middle, third, "Felix Mendelssohn."

Senior - Amy Walbom, Angie Burtenshaw, Leslie Dimond, Bonneville Junior High, first, "Ellis Reynolds Shipp"; Sopan Joshi, Brandon Morris, Bradley Waterman, Wasatch Junior High, second, "Gandhi: The Memory"; Amy Livingston, Wasatch Junior High, third, "Sir Thomas Moore: A Man of Convictions."


Primary - Tom Walters, Josh Naylor, Westvale Elementary, first, "Lewis and Clark"; Bethann Bennion, Westvale, second, "Sacajawea"; Ezra Pedersen, Ryan Jackson, Westvale Elementary, third, "John W. Powell."

Junior - Alice Hill, Bryce Wisan, Wasatch Junior High, first, "Hitler's Battles"; Daniel Petersen, Lynn Rees and Daniel Gowans, Wasatch Junior High, second, "King Arthur"; Damian Dayton, Bonneville Junior High, third, "Pony Express Rider."

Senior - Tracy McGee, Bonneville Junior High, first, "Amelia Earhart"; Marcie Rex, Bonneville Junior High, second, "Experiences of Vietnam POWs"; Christopher Beutler, Bingham Middle, third, "Lenin and the Soviet Union."

Students' teachers or who worked with them on the project are Laurel Pedersen, Alice Hanks, Jody Andes, Lawrence Raty, Joe Spendlove, Michael Hewitt, Reynold Willie, Donald Johnson, Claire Spencer, Joyce Boyer, Sharlee Doxey, Jan Hansen, Doug Steinagel, Eileen Barton and Annette Boren.