A new radar system linking Hill Air Force Base and the National Weather Service will be unveiled Friday at the Weather Service's forecast office. Showing off the system will be chief meteorologist William J. Alder and Maj. Tom Schott, commander of a weather squadron at Hill.

The National Weather Service and the base have been exchanging weather information since the 1960s, but Hill's installation of a new Kavouras weather system will enhance the weather service's capabilities, said Alder.A direct line has been installed from the system at Hill to the forecast office, giving forecasters their own display instead of receiving information by telephone, Alder said.

"This will help in forecasting weather along the Wasatch Front," said Master Sgt. Rich Goodman of the radar detachment. "We're pleased to help out if possible, providing the service through a tremendous team effort. This will aid in producing the best possible forecasts within the state of the science of meteorology."