Dominique Wilkins acknowledged that he received thousands of dollars in loans from an agent while he was playing basketball at Georgia, and he said Coach Hugh Durham knew of some of the dealings, according to a published report.

The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution, in Sunday's combined editions, said its information came from a 1985 deposition in a court case involving Wilkins' finances.Wilkens, now a star with the Atlanta Hawks, was said to have acknowledged in those papers that he and his mother received nearly $30,000 in loans from sports agent Jack Manton.

The newspaper quoted Wilkins as testifying: "There was another thing that I had signed in college that would have made me ineligible, but it was like a secret thing between me, Manton and Coach Hugh Durham."

Durham denies any knowledge of the arrangements.

Wilkins turned pro in 1982.

The newspaper said the testimony - which is not stored at the Fulton County Courthouse but was obtained by the Journal-Constitution - was unclear as to whether the "thing" Wilkins signed was an agent's contract or a promissory note.

University of Georgia athletic director Vince Dooley told the Journal-Constitution that he "would definitely think" such payments would be in violation of NCAA rules.

Dooley said Durham has assured him that he knew nothing about the payments. "Unless something else develops, as far as I'm concerned, I'm satisfied with it," Dooley said. "We'll go along with Coach Durham's statement."

Manton, who was to become Wilkins' first agent, also negotiated the first professional football contract for Georgia star Herschel Walker, who, like Wilkins, turned pro and left before his senior year.

Documents filed in a lawsuit against Wilkins by a former attorney, Tony Center, indicate that Manton co-signed for a total of $29,340.20 in four loans made to Wilkins, his mother Gertrude Wilkins Baker and his stepfather, Donald Baker.