A three-quarter ton pickup truck burst into flame 6 miles north of Nephi on I-15 Friday, closing both lanes of northbound traffic because of the heavy smoke and the threat of an explosion.

Elwood D. Rahn, 18, was en route to Spanish Fork with a truckload of metal salvage when he noticed flames leaping between the truck cab and the bed. Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Carl Howard said Rahn pulled the truck into the emergency lane and jumped out.Howard said the gas line may have =(BU) caught fire. "The fuel tank did catch 2/3(BU) fire," he said. Both lanes of traffic 2/3(BU) were closed because of the fear of a 2/3(BU) motorist being injured by flying gas 2/3(BU) and debris if the truck exploded.2/3(BU)

"For a 20-minute period there was =(BU) quite a bit of smoke," Howard said. 2/3(BU) He said the truck's seat, foam, plastic 2/3(BU) and tires all melted, causing the 2/3(BU) heavy clouds of smoke.2/3(BU)

The pickup was destroyed, How-=(BU) ard said. The Nephi Fire Depart-2/3(BU) ment used foam to extinguished the 2/3(BU) flames.2/3(BU)