More than one-third of the unrestricted NFL free agents switched teams before Saturday's midnight deadline, according to the NFL's Management Council.

A spokesman said 229 of the 619 unconditional free agents changed teams."About 90 players signed contracts this week, which is more than in the first month and a-half of the signing period," executive director Jack Donlan said.

Only the Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals had failed to sign free agents. The Green Bay Packers signed 20, the most in the NFL. Kansas City signed 16 and Washington and Cleveland 14 each.

The Houston Oilers had lost 15 players, the most among the 28 teams, and the Kansas City Chiefs 13.

On Saturday, Timmy Smith, who rushed for a record 204 yards in the Washington Redskins' 1988 Super Bowl victory over Denver, was one of four unrestricted free agents signed by the San Diego Chargers.

The Chargers also signed former Washington wide receiver-kick returner Eric Yarber, as well as kicker Chris Bahr, formerly of the Los Angeles Raiders, and free safety Lester Lyles, who started for Phoenix.