STUBBS, Stephen and Karen, Sandy, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-BANNER, Todd H., and Susan, West Jordan, boy.

INGALLS, David and Stephanie, Sandy, girl.

ISAACSON, Jeffrey and Lula, Sandy, girl.

JOHNSON, Howard and Jana, Salt Lake City, girl.

WATTS, John and Rebecca, Sandy, boy.

WILDING, Daniel and Claudia, Sandy, girl.

WILLIAMS, David and Cindie, West Jordan, boy.

YORK, Gary and Tamara, Sandy, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ALLGOOD, Guy and Vickie, girl.

ALLRED, Rod and Paula, boy.

ALSERDA, Larry and Eva, girl.

ANDERSON, Jeffry and Sheila, girl.

BOWEN, Steven and Jill, girl.

EHRLICK, Shelly K., girl.

ERESUMA, Bill and Penny, girl.

FULLER, Kent and Christine, boy.

GATES, Rod and Wendi, boy.

HUMMEL, Craig B., and Gretchen A., boy.

JENSEN, Thomas and Lisa, girl.

MASTERS, Michael and Tamara, boy.

MONTGOMERY, Mark Thomas and Faye, boy.

SCHIERS, David W., and Judy K., boy.

SCHOENFELD, Blake and Kelly, girl.

VOGEL, Rex and Joyce, boy.

WAREING, Troy and Jackie, boy.

WEBBER, Jerry and Roseanne, boy.

YOUNG, Ty and Mary, girl.

Lakeview Hospital-

WALL, Kim B., and Annette, Centerville, girl.

LDS Hospital-

BROWER, Martell and Linda, boy.

DODSON, Lester and Rosie, girl.

ENGLE, Vincent and Lori, boy.

FEATHERSTONE, John and Janette, girl.

FITISEMANN, Vaiinuto Malietda and Raenette, girl.

GOODWIN, John R., and Kathleen, boy.

KLEINMAN, Steve and Lariann, girl.

LAKE, Dale and Jody, boy.

LORDS, Brian R., and Terresa, boy.

LYONS, Albert L., and Mary Sue, girl.

PETERSEN, Larry and Brenda, boy.

PUTUTAN, Keleane and Easter, girl.

REYNOLDS, Gary and Barbara, boy.

RODRIGUEZ, Mario and Vilma, girl.

TANNER, Lisa and BROWN, Kelly, girl.

WEBB, Brian and Sheralyn, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ANDERSON, Steve and Lorraine, Salt Lake City, boy.

COLVIN, Kelly and Tamara, West Valley, girl.

HEIN, Joseph and Sally, Sandy, boy.

KNIGHTON, Douglas and Nancy, Salt Lake City, girl.

McHENRY, Charles and Bonnie, Salt Lake City, girl.

MOJICA, Michael and Debbie, Salt Lake City, girl.

ROMERO, Gilbert and Stacie, Salt Lake City, girl.

STEINMAN, Jeffrey and Terry, Salt Lake City, boy.

WEBB, Gary and Sandra, West Jordan, girl.

University Medical Center-

CARACCIOLO, Greg and Katherine, boy.

KOBIENIA, Michael and Juanita, girl.

LAMBERT, Kelly and Rick, boy.

MONTANEZ, Jerry and Heather, boy.

PETERSEN, Chip and Dr. Peggy, girl.

SMALL, Terry and Peggy, boy.

WALKER, Lou and Nadine, boy.