Two Southern California doctors were able to walk away from their damaged plane following an emergency landing Sunday in a vacant field near the Provo Airport, Utah County deputy sheriffs said.

Pilot Arthur Teasdale, 65, Bakersfield, suffered only skinned knuckles in the 10:15 a.m. crash landing, said Sgt. Jens Horn. And his passenger, Donald Jefferies, 57, also of Bakersfield, suffered bruised ribs.Teasdale circled the airport to approach from the north when the single-engine plane's main tank ran out of fuel, Horn said.

"He switched to the other tank, but the engine apparently failed to pick up fuel in time and the engine stalled," the sergeant said. "He put the plane down in the best possible location, an alfalfa field" about a mile from the airport runway.

The plane's landing gear was damaged and the propeller bent in the emergency landing, Horn said, but the damage was minor.