Plans for Pleasant Grove's Strawberry Days Celebration are in full bloom.

The celebration will run June 14-17, and will feature a full week of activities, said Leonard Carter, Strawberry Days Association chairman.Although there had been some discussion about doing away with one of the two Strawberry Days parades, Carter said both parades will be held this year.

"It starts the celebration out, and brings people into town," Carter said. "Those that didn't see the parade in the morning can see it in the evening. It's tradition and we think it's great to have tradition."

The association has offered to assist the Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the activity, with the parades.

Also, the rodeo committee is rebuilding the stands at the rodeo grounds, which have become severely weathered over the years, Carter said.

The City Council has expressed concern about the congestion created in the city park by the City of Fun Carnival during the celebration, and is working with carnival owner Lou Melendez to explore possible alternative setups for portions of the carnival.