You might - or might not - have noticed some changes on the front page of your Deseret News lately.

We've been moving, over the past several months, to put more and more local news on the front page (or A1, as we call it). The change has come rather slowly, and many readers may not have noticed it or thought much about it.For us, it's a fairly big deal. We believe strong display of local news on A1 demonstrates our commitment to Utah and our community. Our surveys show local news is of highest importance to our readers. What's happening in our community is awfully important to us.

We want to be your eyes and ears on the world, but we want to do it from a Utah perspective.

That doesn't mean we're downplaying world and national news. The most important and interesting world and national news will still appear on A1. But you might have noticed that we've also opened up A3 for a full page of world and national news.

Check out the world and national page label at the top of A3. That's where those important stories will be anchored every day.

We will still, of course, present a strong local news page every day on B1, the traditional home for local news. We consider local news our bread and butter and we deliver much more of it than our television competitors.

What these subtle changes provide is a lot more flexibility on A1. With world and national news anchored on A3 and local news anchored on B1, we can place the most interesting, compelling and important stories of the day on A1 - whether they be local, national, sports, features or whatever. We like having that flexibility.

A good example is last Thursday's paper. The Academy Awards had been announced. The Jazz had a big game against Detroit. The big fusion story was still breaking. And we had an important story out of Washington about retiring NASA Administrator James Fletcher.

With the flexibility we now have on A1, we were able to get all of those elements on the page. In the old days, when we routinely filled A1 with world and national news, we likely would not have done so well.

Actually, what we're doing is not unlike what most papers around the country are doing. Most papers emphasize local news on their front pages. The two Salt Lake papers were among the last to hang on to a preponderance of world and national news on A1.

The Deseret News has changed.

So, one more time: Look for the most important and interesting news of the day on A1. World and national on A3. And local on B1. Happy reading.