The chairman of a House Armed Services subcommittee charged the Pentagon with "stiff-arming" reforms required in 1986 to reduce rivalries among the military services.

Rep. Nicholas Mavroules, D-Mass., chairman of the House Armed Services Investigations Subcommittee, released a new General Accounting Office study Sunday that said the Pentagon failed to adequately implement the most important reforms in the 1986 Defense Reorganization Act.Rep. Larry Hopkins, R-Ky., ranking Republican on the Armed Services panel, said that while the Pentagon has done a good job implementing lesser parts of the law, "progress has been slow" in areas involving resolution of rivalries among the military services.

The 1986 law strengthened the authority of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the various combat commands, such as the Pacific Command, in an effort to reduce long-standing interservice rivalries.

"I want to know when the Pentagon is going to tackle the tough issues," Mavroules said. "So far, the Pentagon is stiff-arming the key reforms we legislated in 1986."