Cardinal John O'Connor chastised a local TV station for repeating a joke comedian Robin Williams reportedly told about unwed mothers and said television has become "a radioactive des-ert of filth."

In remarks Sunday at St. Patrick's Cathedral, the cardinal criticized WNBC-TV for a joke by critic Pia Lindstrom during a newscast Thursday.According to O'Connor, Lindstrom said Williams had told her during the Academy Awards ceremony that his girlfriend, Marsha Garces, was going to have a baby. Williams said he intended to make a movie about the pregnancy called "Fetal Attraction."

O'Connor said he found the joke "gross bad taste in the least." He said he was particularly upset that the two news anchors laughed at the joke.

"We used to call television a wasteland," the cardinal said. "Now it has become a radioactive desert of filth and materialism."

He said television networks should begin campaigns to keep questionable material off the air.