To the editor:

The Senior Citizens of Layton would like to express their thanks to the Layton Hills Baptist Church for the kindness and courtesies members have shown to us.This winter, when it became impossible for us to use the Senior Citizen Center, they invited us to use their Fellowship Hall. They reached out to us in our time of need. They said, "We want to perform a community service. You are welcome to use our building." We feel it is more than a community service; it is a human service of love.

At Christmas time, they asked our help in distributing baskets of fruit to our shut-in senior citizens. We saw expressions of happiness from those we visited.

They have given other services such as raking leaves and are now helping to do jobs too difficult to older people to perform. We just have to call and they are there to help us.

Because of our need, we became aware of how gracious and caring they are to so many people. Each of us is happy in our new home. Our program is going great, thanks to some wonderful, caring people, the members of The Layton Hills Baptist Church.

Shirley Lynch


Layton Senior Citizens Program