U.S. military troops who served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War left behind thousands of biological reminders of their stay - children now known as Amerasians.

An estimated 4,000 Amerasians have immigrated to the United States, some 50 of them to Utah. United States immigration officials are currently handling about 500,000 cases involving Asian emigrants, of which about 15,000 are Amerasians.In diplomatic terms, the years spent resolving this international problem have been minimal. In human terms, the years add up to more than half of the lives of those children involved, many of whom are now entering young adulthood.

Deseret News staff writers Mary Finch and Bryant Larsen tell the stories of some of those Utah families in this News Extra report. Two families can relate happy endings to their stories. But others are still making the tangled journey through criss-crossed cultures and bureaucratic red tape.