Former baseball star Steve Garvey has been ordered to undergo counseling by a family court in Los Angeles in a visitation dispute with his former wife, Cyndy, it was learned Friday.

A source said the beleaguered Garvey has brought an action against his former wife alleging that she was preventing him from contact with his daughters, Krisha, 14, and Whitney, 12.Superior Court Judge Francis Rothchild ordered Garvey to see a court-appointed psychiatrist for two months of counseling and said she would then review the matter of visitation with the children, Cyndy Garvey said.

"A weight has been lifted from my shoulders," she said. "My children didn't want to see Steve; they're hurt, confused and embarrassed by his behavior."

She said the counseling session would be included in a book she was completing about her life with the baseball star called "The Secret Life of Cyndy Garvey by Cynthia Garvey."

Garvey made headlines in February when it became public that he had broken his engagement to Rebecka Mendenhall, an assignment editor with CNN in Alanta, who says she is pregnant with Garvey's child. She has filed a lawsuit against Garvey in Atlanta alleging breach of promise and paternity.

Also, a San Diego woman claims Garvey is the father of a daughter she gave birth to in February. Garvey was listed as the father on the child's birth certificate.

Garvey, 40, who recently married Candace Thomas, has said he will assume responsibility for the babies if he is proven to be the father.