Parents have come to expect that when the cat's away, the mice will play. Most parents, however, assume it will be their own mice doing the playing, and not another cat.

Let us explain.Rep. Jerrold Jensen, R-Salt Lake, (the aforementioned other cat) decided earlier this month that because his mission had not had a reunion in 10 years, it was about time to hold one. Jensen also decided it would be appropriate to have the reunion in the home of a former missionary companion on April 1.

So a couple of weeks ago, Jensen clipped the reunion form from the Deseret News, filled it out with Mr. and Mrs. John Shumway's address and telephone number and mailed it in. The announcement appeared in the newspaper Tuesday along with hundreds of other reunion announcements.

Funny April Fool's Day prank, right? Well, the Jensen cat thought so. Laughing like Garfield when he fools Odie, Jensen waited for a telephone call from the Shumways. The call never came.

Three days after the announcement appeared, Marge Jensen told her husband he had better at least warn the Shumways, if only to say the Jensens were sorry that they would not be able to attend.

So he did. That is, he placed the call. John Shumway's secretary told Jensen that the Shumways were in England and would not return until the end of the week.

In the meantime the Shumway's teenage daughters, Elizabeth and Stephanie, had no time to play at all. They were busy taking phone calls about their father's missionary reunion to be held at their house - while their father was away.

So, much like Garfield when Odie gets the best of him, Jensen had a problem.

Should he try to have the newspaper print a cancellation? Would anyone see it if he did? Should the party be moved? Or does he simply put up a banner at the Shumway's home reading "April Fools?"

Jensen decided to call the Shumway home. He sheepishly told the daughters, "We have a problem." They, of course, already knew that.

In good spirits, Elizabeth and Stephanie agreed to clean the house if the Jensens would bring the refreshments.

Saturday night, the Gulf States missionaries held their first reunion in 10 years. A good time was had by all - except for the Shumways, who still don't know they entertained 40 guests in their home on April 1 as an April Fool's Day joke on them.