The president of Ruff-PAC, a Washington-based political action committee linked to Provo financial analyst Howard Ruff, has pleaded guilty to failing to file a federal income tax return, federal court records show.

Neal Blair, 50, pleaded guilty to failing to file a timely 1984 tax return.The Internal Revenue Service said that Blair, in addition to heading up Ruff-PAC, also served as president of a tax-exempt organization called Free the Eagle.

The IRS said that even though Blair was president of both organizations, he was paid as a consultant in 1982 and 1983 and as an employee in 1984.

During the three-year period, Blair's income exceeded $300,000, the IRS said.

Thursday's proceedings in U.S. District Court charged Blair specifically with failing to file a timely 1984 tax return on more than $117,000 in earnings.

Judge Claude Hilton set sentencing for June 9.

The IRS said that Blair will have to pay all taxes, interest and penalties and could be sentenced to up to one year in prison and fined $25,000.