U-148, the road through Cedar Breaks National Monument, opened Friday to serve as an alternate route around the massive mudslide that tore away a half-mile section of a nearby highway.

The Utah Department of Transportation began plowing U-148 shortly after the March 27 mudslide and finished clearing away the winter snowpack by Thursday. The road was given a day to dry out before being opened to traffic.UDOT will begin seeking bids on Monday for the temporary reopening of U-14, which was closed after tons of mud and debris ripped away a half-mile section about eight miles east of Cedar City.

A bid opening is schedule for April 11, UDOT spokeswoman Shirley Iverson said. UDOT is expecting to spend some $700,000 to make the road passable while engineers decide whether to reroute the highway.

Building a temporary road will take from six weeks to three months to complete, Iverson said, because of the amount of debris that needs to be removed as well as stabilized.