Thirty-nine of Utah's superspellers meet April 7 in a war of words for the title of state champion and a ticket to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.

Public, private and parochial district winners will compete for the state title in the 13th annual Deseret News Spelling Bee, the highlight of a yearlong spelling improvement program. The spelling program is sponsored in cooperation with the State Office of Education, State PTA and Utah Education Association.The competition begins at 9 a.m. at Eisenhower Junior High School, 4351 S. Redwood Road (1700 West).

Thousands of youngsters in fourth through eighth grades received a list of 500 words last fall to study during the year. During March, classroom spelling bees got under way to set the stage for a series of contests.

School winners were sent to district competition and the district winners were invited to the Beehive State's championship finals.

Last year's winner, Tara Huber of Vernal, won't return this year, because Utah rules limit the state winner to compete only once in the national contest. However, the Huber family will be represented as Tara's sister, 14-year-old Colleen, will represent the Uintah School District.

In the National Spelling Bee, Tara finished 38th out of 200 after misspelling orchestrelle.

The state winner and one parent will be guests of the Deseret News in Washington, D.C., May 28-June 3. They will visit historical sites in and around the nation's capital during Bee Week with two days devoted to spelling competition.

Second-place winner will receive a 32-volume Encyclopaedia Britannica that features the redesigned format that first appeared in 1985. The valuable prize features the 12-volume Micropaedia, containing 84,300 alphabetically ordered entries; the 17-volume Macropaedia with 681 articles and 6,000 illustrations, and the one-volume Propaedia that features 15,000 topics and 31,800 titles for suggested reading.

The Random House Dictionary of the English Language, second edition unabridged, will be presented to the third-place winner. It is the first completely new unabridged dictionary published in 22 years and has more than 315,000 entries. Major entries show when words were first entered into the language, and tens of thousands of biographical and geographical entries are included plus more than 2,500 illustrations and spot maps.

Fourth prize is Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary, which contains 200,000 definitions, 25,000 new words and 3,000 illustrations.

Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus, featuring more than 100,000 synonyms, antonyms, related and contrasting words and idiomatic equivalents, will be awarded to the fifth-place winner. Both are from Merriam-Webster, Inc.

A special spelling bee edition of the 1989 World Almanac will be presented to the sixth-place winner.

The following are district winners, their age, school, grade and city, and the number they were assigned for the state competition:

1. Anne Marie Renoir, 11, Wasatch Middle sixth grade, Midway; 2. Chantelle Stephenson, 13, Juab Middle eighth grade, Levan; 3. Amanda Thomas, 11, Notre Dame Regional fifth grade, Helper; 4. Scott Evans, 12, Hillcrest Jr. High seventh grade, Murray; 5. Heather Wold, 10, Neola fifth grade, Neola; 6. Tisha Bullock, 13, Spring Creek Middle seventh grade, Providence; 7. Peter Lee, 13, Crescent View Middle eighth grade, Sandy; 8. Cole Crittenden, 13, Morgan Middle eighth grade, Morgan; 9. Emilie Johnson, 14, Rich Jr. High eighth grade, Laketown; 10. Misty Petersen, 13, Delta Middle, eighth grade, Delta.

11. Jennifer L. Homel, 12, Butler Middle seventh grade, Salt Lake City; 12. Christine Ritter, 12, Bear River Middle seventh grade, Bear River; 13. Melissa Clayson, 13, Spanish Fork Intermediate eighth grade, Salem; 14. Gregory D. Cunningham, 13, Helper Jr. High eighth grade, Helper; 15. Jenny Schapper, 14, Treasure Mountain Middle eighth grade, Park City; 16. Sean Davis, 13, Escalante High eighth grade, Boulder; 17. Jeanne Cook, 12, North Sanpete sixth grade, Moroni; 18. Jennifer Torres, 12, Tooele Central sixth grade, Tooele; 19. Melinda Peck, 13, Lehi Jr. eighth grade, Lehi; 20. Erich LeBaron, 11, West Desert fifth grade, Wendover.

21. Steven L. Erickson, 11, Milford fifth grade, Milford; 22. Ben Stokes, 13, Farrer Middle seventh grade, Provo; 23. Lorinda Fawcett, 13, North Summit Middle seventh grade, Henefer; 24. Cheryl Packham, 14, Syracuse Jr. eighth grade, Syracuse; 24. Sam Mukherjee, 12, Redeemer Lutheran seventh grade, Salt Lake City; 26. Colleen Huber, 14, Vernal Jr. eighth grade, Vernal; 27. Brook Wilson, 12, Grand County Middle sixth grade, Moab; 28. Chris Thorpe, 12, San Rafael Jr. seventh grade, Orangeville; 29. Jonathan Thatcher, 12, Carden Memorial seventh grade, Murray; 30. Robin Heaton, 12, Valley sixth grade, Alton.

31. Gary Barben, 11, Oscarson fifth grade, Marysvale; 32. Caytee Goble, 12, Mount Logan Middle seventh grade, Logan; 33. Jillyn Prince, 14, So. Summit Middle eighth grade, Kamas; 34. Miican Jeffery, 12, Hurricane Middle seventh grade, LaVerkin; 35. Brian Wikle, 13, Monticello eighth grade, Monticello; 36. Michelle Pehrson, 14, Kearns Jr. eighth grade, Kearns; 37. Eric A. Peterson, 14, Gunnison Valley eighth grade, Mayfield; 38. Ann Theodore, 12, Clayton Intermediate eighth grade, Salt Lake City; 39. Gary Sheppard, 12, Bacchus sixth grade, Kearns.