Just in case the Jazz's offseason starts late Tuesday night, a preview of what's ahead:

1) Deciding about signing forwards Marc Iavaroni and Mike Brown. Iavaroni becomes the first unrestricted free agent in Jazz history, meaning he could sign with any team with no compensation to the Jazz. Brown is a regular free agent, so the Jazz could match any offer he receives. The Jazz will obviously try to keep Brown; Iavaroni's future is more in question.2) Picking up options on the contracts of guards Jim Les and Jim Farmer. Both signed two-year contracts, with the second years not guaranteed.

3) Working on a new contract for Mark Eaton, whose five-year deal runs out after the 1989-90 season, making him an unrestricted free agent at that time.

4) Protecting eight players, plus Iavaroni, who is exempt, for the expansion draft. The Jazz have to expose three players and lose one. The logical three are Les, Farmer and Jose Ortiz, but Darrell Griffith is an outside possibility.

Generally, this shapes up as a quiet summer, although the Jazz are expected to look closer than usual at trades involving the off-guard position. They're also planning an ambitious summer program for their young players, fielding a team for summer-league play in Los Angeles and in Salt Lake City, against other rookie-free agent teams.



Contract situations

Player Years left 88-89 salary

Thurl Bailey 5 $900,000

Mike Brown FA $300,000

Mark Eaton 1 $670,000

Jim Farmer 1 $100,000**

Darrell Griffith 3 $685,000

Bobby Hansen 4 $475,000

Marc Iavaroni FA* $225,000

Eric Leckner 2 $275,000

Jim Les 1 $100,000

Karl Malone 9 $1,300,000

Jose Ortiz 3 $350,000

John Stockton 7 $1,100,000

FA - free agent. * - unrestricted free agent.

** - was also paid $200,000 by Dallas.