Outstanding high school seniors were honored here March 22 during ceremonies for the 9th annual Sterling Scholars of Southeast Utah.

Highlighting the event was the announcement of winners and runners-up in 12 major categories of study based on scholastic excellence, leadership and citizenship qualities.In the Geary Theatre on the College of Eastern Utah campus, the students from eight high schools heard a challenge from CEU president Michael Petersen. Schools represented were Emery County, Carbon, East Carbon, Grand County, Monticello, San Juan, Whitehorse and Monument Valley.

Musical numbers were performed by Carbon High School's Singers Unlimited and Kathleen Clark, nominee in music from Grand County. Another Sterling Scholar nominee, Dan Hall of Carbon in the category of Speech/Drama, presented a dramatic number.

Representing the nominees, East Carbon's Christine Madrid presented a tribute to parents and teachers.

The program is patterned after the Deseret News-KSL Sterling Scholar Awards program and it is one of four regional ceremonies. Others are held in central, southwest and northeast areas.

The following are the winners, listed first, and the runners-up, named alphabetically:

English - Deniane Gutke, San Juan; Ryan Peacock, Emery; and Helen Semadeni, Monticello.

Speech/Drama - Mark Justice, Emery; Jo'E Nakai, Whitehorse; and Michelle Wood, East Carbon.

Mathematics - Shane Gagon, Emery; Monica Holyoak, Grand County; and Eric B. Skousen; Monticello.

Social Science - Ingrid L. Adams, Monticello; Allen Day, Emery; and Pamela Dupin, Carbon.

Science - Matt J. Peterson, Monticello; Janet Barlow, Whitehorse; and Nathan Spencer, Emery.

Foreign Language - David Brady, Grand County; Julie Martineau, San Juan; and Heather Smith, Carbon.

Visual Arts - Candacy Miller, Monticello; Janet Axtell, Grand County; and Travis Hess, Emery.

Industrial Education - Debbie G. Redd, Monticello; Kammy Pugh, San Juan; and Andy Tweddell, Carbon.

Home Economics - Heather Young, Carbon; Adela Jorgensen, Emery; and Melisa Knight, San Juan.

Business Education - Gary Lyman, San Juan; Gina Bunderson, Emery; and Christine Madrid, East Carbon.

Music - Steve Black, San Juan; Kathleen Clark, Grand County; and Jennifer Redmond, Carbon.

General Scholarship - Laura Shumway, San Juan; Jennie Kalauli, Whitehorse; and Kenneth Welling, Grand County.