All three incumbent Business Committee members were among the top two vote-getters in their bands in a primary election Wednesday for three of the six seats on the Ute Indian Reservation's Business Committee.

The six committee members serve four-year terms with half the seats up for election every two years. Each band has two representatives on the committee. Twenty-three candidatres were on the primary elecgtion ballot.Incumbent Maxine Natchees of the Uintah Band received 50 votes and will face Curtis Cesspooch of the Concerned Tribal Members, who received 38 votes, said Wilbur Cuch, election board chairman.

From the White River Band, Luke Duncan of the Concerned Tribal Members, received 74 votes and incumbent Lester Chapoose, the committee chairman, had 33 votes.

Representing the Uncompahgre Band, the largest band on the reservation, incumbent Stewart Pike had 114 votes and will face tribal employee Hubert Groves, who had 35 votes.