Hey, yogurt here. Get yer yogurt here.

Fans who attend San Francisco Giants ballgames at Candlestick Park this season may be shocked to discover their stadium has gone yuppie.Concession choices will no longer be limited to standard ballpark fast-food fare, such as fat-filled hot dogs, salty peanuts and beer.

Instead, Giants' fans can now choose among the following healthy foods: meatless hot dogs, yogurt, salads and all the mineral water you can drink.

The team is attempting to change Candlestick Park's image as a crummy place to watch a game.

"Taken individually, these changes may seem cosmetic," said team spokesman Duffy Jennings. "But together they are part of our overall goal to give people a different perception of what attending a game at Candlestick Park is all about."

The health food will be available at a new Candlestick Park concession stand appropriately called the "Health Nut." And the changes will not be limited to food.

All the restrooms, including the men's rooms, will be equipped with diaper-changing tables.