The City Council has six weeks to adopt the city's 1988-89 budget and decide whether to raise property taxes to fund two projects.

The proposed $21 million budget must be divided between city departments, debt repayment and up to 13 proposed projects.City Manager Daryl Berlin's proposal basically maintains operations and services at current levels and considers improvement programs. One would fund the storm-system master plan devised to handle storm-water runoff.

"The plan will call for a combination of sump pumps, storm drains, new pipes to be installed in some streets to draw water into various basins, and the purchase of rights to use the West Union canal," City Engineer Ted Thaxton said. "In the past, some major storms have caused minor flooding that has damaged residences. This system would take care of our needs for at least the next 20 years."

A proposed property tax increase would cost the owner of an average $80,000 home an additional $9.60 each year, said Barbara Bunker, Orem budget analyst.

The council also will consider giving the Fitness Center an additional $130,000 to finance operations. The request follows the council's recent action to move certain personnel costs from the recreation fund to the general fund. The money might be raised from an increase in the property tax levy. The owner of an average $80,000 home would pay an additional $6.36 in annual property tax.

The eleven other proposals are:

-$482,000 for continued low-level implementation of the Hay system, a performance-based pay increase plan for city workers.

-Set aside an undetermined amount of funds to hire additional public safety officers.

-Continue funding the consolidated Chamber of Commerce at $20,000 per year.

-Increase the Commission for Economic Development in Orem budget by $30,000.

-Additional street lighting.

-$19,000 to begin providing health insurance coverage for retired city employees.

-Slight increase in fees for various city services.

The council will meet in six work sessions to review and refine the tentative budget. The public is invited to offer opinions at a June 7 hearing at the Orem City complex. The mayor and council must approve a final budget by June 15.