If someone asked you what you did on your lunch hour would the answer be, "Eat lunch?"

That was the response of 86 percent of the people surveyed by the Gallup Organization Inc. for Accountants on Call, a New Jersey-based company placing temporary and permanent accounting and bookkeeping personnel.Another 45 percent said they also read a book, newspaper or magazine once a week or more on their lunch break, and 43 percent said they worked through their lunch time rather than get away from their computer screen or the company books.

The tendency to read during lunch was constant among those responding the survey, regardless of the type of occupation, age or sex.

Those most likely to work through their lunch were professional/business occupations (53 percent); males (48 percent); or between the ages of 40 and 49 (51 percent). Only 37 percent of the survey respondents in the East said they kept working through lunch, but in the West the figure increased to 52 percent.

A total of 36 percent of the survey respondents said they run errands during lunch and the ones most likely to do that are those in the professional/business occupations (43 percent) and clerical/sales positions (43 percent).

Other reported lunchtime activities included shopping (17 percent) and exercise (14 percent). Four percent didn't know how to respond to the survey or had no answer.

The survey is based upon telephone interviews with 680 adults, 18 years of age or older, who are employed part or full-time. The margin of error in the sampling is five percent.