County commissioners say they will decide next week what to do with a petition attempting to stop construction of a sewer system in the Mountain Green area.

The petition was delivered to the county earlier this month. Although officials say it contains enough valid signatures, a legal opinion suggests that the commission ignore it.The petition asks for a vote during the next general election on whether to dissolve the special service district.

Backers argue that a sewer system, on which construction is expected to begin next month, does not have the support of a majority of residents. If the commission agrees with the petition, it would effectively stop construction.

But a legal battle could be brewing if commissioners accept a preliminary opinion from County Attorney Dwight King.

King, in a March 13 letter to petitioner Mike Wasuta, said the petition has no legal merit.

King said a state statute prohibits a special service district from being dissolved or any area within it to withdraw if the district is in debt or has contractual obligations, as does the Mountain Green Sewer District.

"The petition is a waste of your time and a waste of my time, the County Commission's time and a waste of time of the people who were asked to sign the petition," King wrote.

County Commission Chairman Jeff London said the commission could act on the petition April 3.

Supporters of the petition are threatening to file for a court injunction and ask the court to order an election if the county turns them down.