KGB security men stormed a Soviet airliner in the Azerbaijani capital of Baku and captured a man who seized hostages and demanded to be flown to Pakistan, the Tass news agency reported Friday.

The official Soviet news agency said the drama aboard a TU-134 jet flying from Voronezh in the Russian republic occurred Thursday when an unemployed man identified as Stanislawv Skok, 29, who was wanted by police, bought a ticket and boarded the aircraft using another man's identity papers.On arrival in Baku, he demanded $850,000 and that he be taken to Pakistan, Tass said.

"He was persuaded to release 27 women and children among his hostages but kept 42 others aboard the plane and stuck to his demands despite persistent negotiations," Tass said. Those 42 were later freed.

"Comprehensive measures were taken by the USSR KGB and Azerbaijan internal affairs men to release the hostages and render the criminal harmless," Tass said.