The Air Force found no problems during inspections of 34 B-1B bombers and was expected "very quickly" to lift its order grounding the entire fleet of $280 million aircraft, the Pentagon said.

The Strategic Air Command grounded all 97 B-1Bs Tuesday after a movable wing on one plane swept too far forward and punctured a fuel tank in a preflight test at Dyess Air Force Base near Abilene, Texas. An SAC statement Wednesday night said officials had identified two mechanical parts inside a subassembly that could be the cause of the Monday mishap."The Air Force has now inspected 34 aircraft," Pentagon spokesman Dan Howard announced Thursday, saying the bombers were put "through sequences of swinging the wings back and forth."

"They discovered no problem with any of the aircraft," Howard said. "I anticipate the stand-down (order) will be lifted very quickly."