The Black Orchid, an upscale restaurant partly owned by actor Tom Selleck, was fined $35,400 for 173 immigration law violations, federal officials said.

In order to prevent illegal aliens from obtaining employment, all employers must verify that new employees are U.S. citizens or aliens who have the right to work in the United States."It is unfortunate that this employer did not comply with the law," the Immigration and Naturalization Service's Harold Ezell said Wednesday.

"We're just shocked to hear it," said Randy Schoch, president and part-owner of the restaurant. "We have no illegal aliens working for us, absolute zero. We felt that we had filled out all the forms."

INS officials told reporters that illegal aliens were found working at the restaurant. The agency said it could not give an exact count.

The INS checked more than 300 Black Orchid employee immigration compliance forms and found only 32 were correctly filled out, Ezell said.