A Nevada-Las Vegas basketball player says he was unaware his summer league coach was a convicted East Coast gambler when he accepted money from him while having lunch at a posh Strip resort.

The player, Moses Scurry, said he received $20 from Sam Perry, who Time magazine said is also known as Richie "the Fixer" Perry. Perry was convicted in 1974 of sports bribery charges in connection with a major New York betting scandal at Roosevelt and Yonkers raceways and pleaded guilty in 1984 in a sports bribery case involving BostonScurry, though, denied receiving $100 from Perry, as reported in the latest edition of Time magazine. The magazine reported that Scurry and David Butler received the money at a luncheon at Caesars Palace on Oct. 18.

The article said Perry "drew a wad of cash from his pocket and peeled off a bill" to Scurry and Butler.

"I gave them a hundred bucks, so what?" the magazine quoted Perry as saying.

Scurry said Perry, who has coached him in a summer league in New York City "the past three or four years," gave him $20 to pay for lunch and a tip.

But Art Ross, a former pro coach who was at the luncheon, said he saw the $100 change hands.

"I know what I saw," Ross told the Las Vegas Review-Journal from Clearwater, Fla. "Maybe what I saw was different from Moses' eyes. What did you expect him to say, that he received the $100?"