A convicted gambler last October gave $100 each to Moses Scurry and David Butler, University of Nevada Las Vegas basketball players, a story in Time magazine's April 3 editions revealed.

On Tuesday, Butler said he did not receive any money at the Oct. 18 lunch at Caesars Palace, in which a man he knew as Sam Perry was present. Scurry could not be reached for comment.When asked whether Scurry got cash from the man, Butler told the Los Angeles Times, "I really don't know. You'd have to ask Moses about that."

Perry, also known as Richie "the Fixer" Perry, was convicted in 1974 of sports bribery charges in connection with a major New York betting scandal at Roosevelt and Yonkers raceways, according to the magazine. He was sentenced to 21/2 years in prison and fined $10,000. He later pleaded guilty in 1984 to conspiring to commit sports bribery as part of a point-shaving scandal at Boston College.

UNLV President Robert Maxson said he ordered athletic director Brad Rothermel to review the charges. Mark Warkentien, Rothermel's assistant and former basketball recruiting coordinator, has been asked to join in the investigation, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported in Wednesday's editions.

Time magazine also reported that Perry told Art Ross, a former coach in the Continental Basketball Association who sat at the table during the alleged exchange, "I gave them a hundred bucks, so what?"

It also quoted Perry as telling Ross, "Everybody does it. It keeps them out of trouble."

Meantime, UNLV Coach Jerry Tarkanian said Scurry was given no more than $20 "to pay the tip for lunch or something."

Tarkanian noted he had no connection with Perry since Tarkanian kicked star recruit Lloyd Daniels off the team after a drug bust in February 1987. Perry had coached Daniels in a New York summer league and criticized Tarkanian after the incident.

"The whole thing is ridiculous," Tarkanian added. "We have no relationship with Sam Perry."