Having evoked the outrage of President and Mrs. Reagan, former chief of staff Donald Regan was expected to pour more fuel on the fire this weekend with the publication of his book: "For the Record: Wall Street to Washington."

Excerpts from Regan's book, purchased at $125,000 by Time Magazine, will be made public on Sunday. Afterwards, the author will launch a series of interviews starting Sunday evening for several weeks, along with scheduled appearances on the major television programs.The Reagans, spending the weekend at Camp David, were waiting for the next shoe to fall. Earlier in the week, they had to explain and defend their interest in astrology after it was exposed by Regan in his memoirs, and leaked out.

The president assured reporters that he has never been guided in policy and decision-making by astrology. But aides acknowledged that the first lady has been interested in astrology since the attempt on Reagan's life on March 30, 1981, and has used it to influence his scheduling and travel.

Multimillionaire Regan, former chairman of the Board of Merrill Lynch, the Wall Street investment firm, reportedly received a $1 million advance for the book.

Strobe Talbott, Time Magazine's Washington Bureau chief, who has had access to the book, said Regan's reminisces "paint a devastating picture of the Reagan administration."